Welcome to Dreamweavers Energy Work


This site is your introduction to the work of Trisha Skye Mulholland.

Trisha Skye brings her expertise, experience and professionalism from over 25 years in clinical practice to optimise her clients’ health and spiritual well-being. Her integrative approach includes working with Kinesiology, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Transpersonal Counselling, EFT, Shamanic Healing and Counselling, Therapeutic Healing and Flower Essences.

Healing work with someone is unique to that person and takes places on all levels of our being.  We are not separate from ourselves, from each other or from the earth.  In this way, Trisha’s clients, her own healing journey and everything she has studied and taught have informed and shaped the way she works.

“Trisha Skye s deep understanding of the body’s energy system enables complex, esoteric principles to be easily translated into practical, accessible tools for living. She brings power, passion, humour and love to her busy healing practice and teaching. Her work combines spirituality with the physical, and inspires people to use and integrate energy medicine in their daily life.” (JC,College of Psychic Studies, 2003).

Trisha Skye is a member of the Kinesiology Federation, the National Federation of Spiritual Healers, The Association for Therapeutic Healers,  Jin Shin Jyutusu Inc. and The Society for Shamanic Practitioners. She is an approved Tutor and Assessor for ATH and was a member of their Core Management Group for many years.  She was a tutor at the London College of Psychic Studies.  She also holds a Black Belt (First Dan) in Ki-Aikido.

Enjoy your journey through Trisha’s Dreamweavers site and – if you feel her work can help you – she looks forward to meeting you.

Consultations are available by Skype, telephone or in person.